About theXchange

theXchange is a co-workspace for Jewish non-profits, where a collaborative eco-system fosters a community of synergy and sharing.

At theXchange, people brainstorm ideas, share resources, build new partnerships and collaborate on projects. By working together, small to medium nonprofits, their staff and lay leaders have the tools, funds, and talent to achieve their missions, succeed, and become changemakers who achieve social good.

By opening the Jews for Judaism International office to other non-profits, we are able to alleviate costs, in order to create a sustainable income base for the generation of operating expenses.

theXchange creates a collaborative ecosystem in the following ways:

Collaborative Workspace

 Nonprofit professionals and the experts and consultants that service them have a creative and lively space to work together.


Event Space

Host events at theXchange for an affordable price. theXchange’s event planner is also available to handle the event logistics.

Meet-ups and Networking

theXchange hosts an open house on Friday Mornings. Bring your laptop, a book, or just yourself and experience the co-workspace!